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Lithe group embarked on its journey towards the garments industry of Bangladesh in 1993 as a small family run business but today after two decades Lithe group has managed to create a clear image of the Bangladeshi knit industry on the globe. With utmost advise, direction and instruction from our Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. F M Kabir Mohiuddin, the company has attained success. Lithe group is now diversifying the company into eco tourism and also agriculture.
Lithe Group is massively filled with gratitude to all its valued and esteemed customers and buyers from all over the world. Moreover the company would be nothing without its prized workforce of 5000 people all contribute to the management and proper function of the three companies of Lithe Group. Today, Lithe group has come a long way and has achieved global recognition. Ensuring quality and satisfaction to customers are all Lithe group's highly regarded concern.